Kuroko’s Basketball S1 – Episodes 4 & 5: For the Love of Basketball

THIS SHOW IS NOT GOOD FOR MY DIRTY, DIRTY MIND, OH MYYY!!! Like… the comments that are made had me laughing because of all the inappropriate boy-love nonsense that came flying out of my mouth (see what I did there… mwahaha). I can’t stop it… I blame Mel and Zel. 😉

05 g

You would know, Kise-chan… 🙊🙊

Episode four was mostly filled with back-and-forth banter between Kagami and Kise, which I found to be very entertaining. It reminded me quite a bit of when I would play sports with all of my friends (most of them were dudes) and our taunting and teasing of who was better than whom would be rather relentless. I also appreciated the underlying camaraderie that went along with this exchange.

The episode also starts showing us morsels of the special techniques that Kise has, which surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to see this element so soon in the series. It worked to heighten the in-game stress that I found funny given that this match was nothing more than a purely practise run between the two teams.

Lastly, Kise’s jealousy is such a joy to my heart.

KnB 04 d

You’ve been replaced, Kisecchi!!

Episode five brought the practise match to a close. I was slightly disappointed with the winning team as it felt too convenient, but simultaneously I feel like a win this soon also sets up the series for some serious plot twists later on (hopefully; I’m going to keep my fingers crossed!).

Additionally, we get to meet another member of the Generation of Miracles, who is a character that I love to hate with a passion. Do I love him? Do I hate him? Do I find lots of pleasure in calling him highly vulgar names? All of the above! I don’t remember what his physical in-game introduction is like, but I do remember it being dramatic and very amusing.

KnB 05 e

Otherwise known as the superstitious sadist!

Kise and Kuroko take a moment to themselves to have a tiny chat about the past when they shared a team. This moment was a delight because it shows that Kise is probably the kindest member out of the Generation of Miracles and his friendship and respect for Kuroko is really cool. Kise’s “I’m an asshole, but a nice guy overall” persona is further established by his interactions with Kagami post-game.

I leave this post with another screenshot that is perfect for those with wild imaginations. 😉

KnB 04 e

Not even gonna touch that with a ten foot… 🍆

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  2. I have nothing do to with that!!!!!!!
    Now people will think that I’m a pervert *tch*

    I really love those post and I’m happy to see you enjoying the series!!

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  4. This sounds delightfully amazing for those of us with a slightly dirty bent mind. I’m glad you seem to be enjoying g it and look forward to more of your thoughts!

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