Kuroko’s Basketball S1 – Episodes 8 & 9: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Sweaty!

Before I begin chatting about episodes eight and nine, I would like to mention one thing that is starting to irk me a little bit with the series. Each episode begins with a re-cap of the previous, and sometimes they go on for a couple of minutes. I think if you’re watching this week-by-week, like when it is simulcasting, then this isn’t such a bad thing; more so if you’re watching a lot of shows at once. However, when you sit down and marathon the series, it can become quite the annoyance. I find the level of details in most of the re-caps to be wholly unnecessary, especially when you consider that the intro is the bloody same thing prior to the opening song.

Anyhoo, with that brief rant out of the way, let’s talk about episode eight! It starts off by chatting about some of the more challenging players and teams outside of the ones with members of the Generation of Miracles. Again, I appreciate them highlighting talent that isn’t strictly this “God-given” sort of thing. Seirin’s next match is actually with a team such as this.

08 c

Maybe you’re just not his type, Kagamicchi!

The team they go up against is one that the second years had received a terrible defeat from the previous year, so the insecurities and tensions are a bit tight in the episode as we get the game going. One of the things that I loved about this episode is Kuroko’s consideration for his team. He is very humble and compassionate, and truly captures the essence of what it means to be a team player, and I think when you have individual players who are super strong—Generation of Miracles, of course—then it becomes easy to be blind-sided by those talented people and forget that working together is the key to group oriented athletics, like basketball. Toss in wanting to get revenge on the guys who roasted you like a fucking duck, Kuroko’s desire to help them kick ass themselves was very endearing. I’m not someone who usually likes the main characters, but he is warming up my heart good and well.

Also, once again the meme worthy juice does not disappoint!

08 b

Ah, fifty shades of Tsugawa. How Kinky.

Episode nine focuses on the back-and-forth playing between Seirin, specifically on the talents of the second years. This was something else I enjoyed because it shows that they aren’t just floating on by with the talents of their first year duo, Kagami and Kuroko.

The episode also felt wonderfully fast-paced due to the intensity of the match, but it didn’t take itself so seriously as to avoid jokes and comic relief altogether. The comedy and the overall euphemistic nature of the series really is charming and I can’t really ever see an episode not containing some element of it, which I think is a plus.


“Back off, Kagami-kun! The captain is my pitcher!”

Unfortunately, the match didn’t end here and shall be finishing up in the next episode. I’m not sure how I feel about a three-episode basketball match, to be frank. I suppose we shall find out soon enough!

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5 thoughts on “Kuroko’s Basketball S1 – Episodes 8 & 9: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Sweaty!

  1. Kuroko’s Basketball just didn’t click with me the way Haikyuu did. I like Kuroko as a character but most of the others I was indifferent to and I wasn’t overly interested in the games. While I finished season 1, I’ve yet to go back for any more of the series. It isn’t bad, just didn’t really hook me.

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    • I haven’t seen Haikyuu!! (yet!), but I feel most people tend to like one or the other, at least that’s what I’ve gathered from my anime-watching friends. I hope to finish all of KnB because I’m totally invested in the characters. I will admit, it’s not a masterpiece, but enjoyable for me. 🙂 🙂

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