Top 5 Favourite Fruits Basket Characters

Happy Saturday morning, chums! Since it is Fruits Basket season, I decided that for today’s top five post, I would share with you my favourite characters from the series! I did cheat a teeny, tiny bit, and I have absolutely no regrets about that!

I’m going to be honest with you, it was ridiculously difficult narrowing down my list. There are so many characters in this franchise that are loveable in their own ways. So many people who have wisdom to impart, imperfections to relate to, and comfort to provide. It took me a few days to sit down and really ponder who my top-of-the-tier favourites are and even then I feel like the people listed here can be rotated out for others depending on what I’m going through during life at that particular moment; all except my number one that is.

Please note, there will minor spoilers as it pertains to character identities, not so much plot-related spoilers. So folks unfamiliar with the franchise should read at their own discretion. Thank you.

05. Ayame Sōma

Ayame is Yūki’s older brother and I positively adore him! He recognises the choices that he should have made differently in order to be a better sibling to the younger Sōma, and I really admire him for accepting that and trying to do better. When you’re a sibling, it can be easy to become caught in this net of trying to do what’s expected of you from your family, trying to find a way to figure out your own identity apart from your relatives, and then trying to be a good role model for those who look up to you. That pressure can be so overwhelming and daunting, that the less responsible option of running way suddenly becomes very appealing. Ayame’s shortcomings and the maturity that blossoms out of those mistakes makes me feel very connected to him in special ways. He also has a delightfully fun and flamboyant personality and one heck of a sense-of-style, whether he’s wearing masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral attire!

04. Shigure Sōma

Ah, I can’t create a top five Fruits Basket list and not include this man. Shigure’s appeal lies in many things. He’s quite bookish, first of all. In addition to reading, he’s also an author himself. He’s a flirty and pervy dude who loves to tease everyone and isn’t afraid to stir the pot of trouble whenever he can. He’s in a complicated position within the family, but he doesn’t allow that to prevent him from helping the people around him, when he is able to, however, that doesn’t mean that he’s not a selfish bastard at times. Whenever Shigure and Ayame get together, I know that I’m going to laugh my fucking arse off and have a brilliantly fun time (more so when a dude named Hatori joins the party, although the party is usually at his expense). Shigure is the good-natured character that is equal parts a comfort and something to be cautious of.

03. Yūki Sōma & Kyō Sōma

I know, I know, it’s blasphemous to name these two blokes together, but what can I say? My love for them is equal and, frankly, their bitter rivalry makes them a perfect package (to me).

Yūki is another person with whom I relate to quite personally. His struggles with trying to break free of a cage that has only inhibited his ability to create long-lasting bonds with others—platonic, or otherwise—is something I feel within the darkest depths of my bones. The expectations of others, and the repercussions when those expectations aren’t met, can be so psychologically incapacitating and despairing. Yet, something amazing happens. Someone comes into his life and shows him the beauty of compassion and empathy, and it changes him entirely. For me, that was my late brother.

Kyō, again, reflects a part of my life in terms of making friends. He’s such an outsider to everyone; people he’s related to and people that he meets at school, for example. He’s got such a massive chip on his shoulder due to the constant influx of rejection that he is faced with. This causes an intense feeling of hollowness and loneliness that can be nigh impossible to fill. I was always an outsider to everyone when I was younger—in most cases, I still am—because I was too brown, had an accent, had an awkward and weird personality—so many reasons. I never felt like I belonged anywhere. This feeling still haunts me and follows me around like a shadow on most days. But, once more, when he finally meets someone who can comprehend the layers to his loneliness and shows him that he is capable of being accepted wholeheartedly, that chip finally begins to melt away in ways he never expected. I love that so much and hope that one day I can experience what that feeling is like.


02. Arisa Uotani & Saki “Hana” Hanajima

Tōru’s loving mothers almost made my number one spot because I fucking love them so much!! They are definitely a duo that are a set for me. They complement and complete each other so beautifully.

Arisa is very short-tempered and fierce, even violent at times. Her past definitely contributes to her rough shell, but that is part of her charm, especially where Tōru is concerned. She’s actually rather similar to Kyō in personality type, which makes me laugh quite a bit. I feel like in another life they could’ve been siblings of a sort. One of the main reasons that I love Arisa is her history and her growth as a person. She received help from a very special individual when she was at a pretty low point in her life and that eventually led to her building a friendship with Tōru. Even though she can be such a ruffian, she’s unbelievably kind and caring.

Saki is one of the characters that I have a mad crush on, if I’m going to be frank. She’s got the long, black hair that makes me swoon and a kooky ability to sense a person’s “vibes,” which lets her know if the person is good or bad, or a weird concoction of strangeness (like the Sōma fam). Saki is hella intimidating due to her darkly, emo allure and talent at making everyone feel cold and discomforted due to the “waves” that she puts out or affects. Even so, likewise to Arisa, she is magnificently compassionate and considerate where Tōru is concerned. She’s also brutally honest in a nonchalant way that is utter hilarity.


01. Tōru Honda

I have never loved a female lead in an anime series more than I love Tōru Honda. While I sit here typing this, I find myself struggling because there aren’t words that can truly express what Tōru means to me, as both an otaku and as a person who has gone through so much fucking shite in their life.

The very first time I picked up the Fruits Basket anime, way back in 2007-2008, I was just starting to enter what would become the darkest period of my life. I was unfathomably lonely and isolated, contemplating whether my existence really meant anything to anyone out there. But reading about her conviction in the face of everything she lost and how hard-working she was, yet still so humble and thoughtful… I was blown away. Tōru was everything that I had ever wanted to be as a person with regard to helping others and trying to find a way to give my existence some meaning. Her selflessness was a delight that I had never encountered in a narrative before, whether in manga, literature, or cinema-related mediums.

When I went back and finally started to read through the manga for the first time (mid-to-end of last year), all of my initial feelings came rushing back with a warm-hearted blanket of nostalgia, and once again, I found Tōru’s fortitude inspiring me not to give up and to keep on fighting, however this time I was also learning that it is one-hundred-percent okay to be myself without guilt or shame. She always brings me the best sorts of comfort and calm, and because of that she’ll forever be my number one.

I know, there are seven characters instead of five. I told you it was damn difficult to narrow down, didn’t I?! Oops…

What do you think of the characters that I chose? Who are some of your favourite characters from Fruits Basket and why? I’d love to hear your answers!

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite Fruits Basket Characters

  1. They may be the villain of the piece, but I really like Akito. Not as a person, mind you, I just think that they’re a really fascinating character! Something about their brokenness really interests me, I can’t quite explain it… Fruits Basket really does have so many great characters, though. I’m impressed that you managed to whittle it down to just seven!

  2. The title is a lie! You didn’t narrow it down to five! 😜

    But Ayame cracks me up. So outrageous to the extreme, yet he also had some not-so-stellar moments prior to the manga’s start that affect him.

    • I know! It’s all a lie. 🙈🙈

      He definitely did. I think all of those moments just make me appreciate his presence so much more.

  3. Having not seen/read this series I can’t speak to much on it but it seems like it is full of fun characters!

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