Mid-Season Episodic Mutterings: Senryū Girl (Spring 2019)

Recently, I came to realise that I have fallen quite drastically behind in my simulcasts. I would probably be lying if I said it wasn’t intentional with a couple of titles as the suspense and tension had me dangling at the edge of my computer chair. However, I don’t want to have serials left unfinished for extended periods of time like I did last year. It ends up shattering my creativity and my motivation to write reviews much later down the road, as well as instilling me in feelings of being bogged down with incomplete projects. Hence, my desire to participate in the catch-up marathon!

Since I am quite terrible with maintaining seasonal episodic (or even weekly) mutterings, I think from this point forward, I shall cover simulcasts periodically throughout the season. This allows me to watch more episodes at a time and to compile my segment-by-segment thoughts in two to three posts. For my personal blogging, writing, and watching style, I know this shall fit perfectly. (I love that being a blogger consistently helps you evolve with trial-and-error as you move forward, regardless of how long you’ve been at it.)

My first mid-season episodic mutterings shall be for the shōnen, slice-of-life anime short, Senryū Girl. Overall, I have had a lot of fun and laughs with the characters and their kooky situations when it comes to this anime. While there are a couple of things that I feel mildly disgruntled about, I am glad that I chose to stick with it.

You can check out my first impressions for Senryū Girl here specifically. My episode two reactions for the seasonal line-up are shared in a single post here. This compilation shall cover episodes three to eight; minor spoilers may apply.

Episode 3:

The episode revolved around two members going on a trip to the amusement park while a couple of their friends spied on them.

I love how this episode depicts two people having very different interests, yet still finding common ground for friendships, or maybe something more. I relate so much with Eiji and his loathing for roller coasters. Even though I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I have never liked those death traps.

The romantic vibes are cutesy and occasionally awkward, as Eiji is a socially awkward guy (another thing I relate to), but aside from that there wasn’t anything too spectacular about the episode as a whole.

Senryuu Eps. 03 a

I have done this to my friends before. I have no regrets.

Episode 4:

In this episode we are introduced to a new club member named Kino who uses a sketchpad to communicate with other people because she’s super timid. She’s so shy that she even draws her facial reactions and impressions as they would appear if she felt comfortable enough to show her physical during conversations face.

I found this dynamic to be an interesting addition. The series definitely needed to add a fresh element to prevent the senryū aspects from getting too stale, although I question how well it shall do in the long run, if Kino is a regular addition.

My favourite scene from the episode was when Nanako and Kino were speaking to one other with their respective utensils. The backgrounds faded into white and there wasn’t an ounce of noise except for the small sounds of acknowledgement that the girls made during their conversation, such as snickering. It felt comforting and I appreciated the realistic depiction of how an exchange in that situation would play out. It felt very inclusive to me in quite a few ways.

Episode 5:

This was such a relatable segment, but too funny as well. It follows the kids seeking some advice from a local psychic that is getting a rep for being rather reliable.

What made this episode so funny was how often the psychic would give out incorrect predictions due to the Kanji she uses when spelling her patrons names. In Japanese, one Kanji character can have multiple meanings, so two people with the same exact name, can spell it very differently. I feel like this may be one of those jokes that probably got lost in translation (pun totally intended), but I liked it.

The bulk of the episodes seem to be tossing Eiji and Nanako together into situations where they are alone or in date-like environments. Rather than focusing on creating and understanding senryū even a little bit, the series is veering far more into the romance category, which I don’t mind, but I am saddened by the lack of poetry construction or focus, as the first couple instalments gave the impression that the series would have a good amount of that in it. The poet in me is dejected.

Episode 6:

In episode six, we watch Nanako’s dad reading about the behavioural triggers to keep an eye out for when trying to determine if your adolescent kid is turning into a rebellious type.

He has such an overactive imagination and his timing for approaching Nanako to make sure she doesn’t fit those traits never lined-up. He dotes on her and loves her so much that I found it to be equally endearing as it was amusing. I will confess that picturing a punk, rebellious Nanako was pretty neat.

It was pleasant to see a bit of Nanako’s family in their home life. While her dad was freaking out, we saw her mum doing chores around the house and her brother either watching TV or playing video games. They seem like a cute, basic family all in all.

Senryuu Eps. 06 a

Her pink jacket reminds me of the Love Me uniforms from Skip Beat!.

Episode 7:

Ah, the quintessential rainy-day episode where we wait to see if they will or will not share an umbrella. Plus, there was some random rabbit chasing in the mix.

I continue to find pleasure in the camaraderie of the friendships and interactions, as well as the sweetness of everyone’s investment in Nanako’s and Eiji’s potential relationship. Thus far, the series has been hitting all of the appropriate fluffy, slice-of-life, shōjo vibes (which is funny because the franchise is a shōnen one, I believe).

The club’s president is turning into a favourite of mine due to how kind she is. If everyone had a friend like her, they’d rarely feel lonely or uncared for.

Senryuu Eps. 07 b

Guess they shared an umbrella after all. 😉

Episode 8:

I was waiting for the swimsuit episode because you know there was going to be one. Holy hell, it was so fricking funny! I’m super shy like Nanako when it comes to showing skin, and my friends are always the opposite, so I feel like Nanako is a kindred spirit in that regard. Plus, her swimsuit was very cute.

There wasn’t much else to this episode aside from the ladies finding suits and hitting the pool. I’m still feeling betrayed by the lack of poetry dynamics, but the comedy and the feel-good stuff has pretty much made up for that.

Senryuu Eps. 08 d

I like how a couple of these don’t even cover the breastage areas at all.

For an anime short, this is turning out to be far more pleasant than I original perceived it would be. My past experience with shorts like these hasn’t been the greatest and this is a great change of pace. I’m excited to see the last four segments and the eventual wrap-up.

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