The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 16 – Bands

Day 16: What band are you most grateful for?

ONE OK ROCK. I discovered them when the first film in the live-action Ruroni Kenshin trilogy released. They performed the theme song, “The Beginning,” and it changed my life. I was in a terrible living situation during that time, and that song reminded me so much of my brother. Also, it was the first time in years where I had found something to love all on my own, without any influence (i.e.: pressure) from people around me.

For more information about this series, please check out my pilot post here.

The Beginning – ONE OK ROCK

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  1. Uhm how do you chose one? I totally get that discovering a band and it being a life changing event. Metallica was my first band I found on my own and it changed me forever.

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