My Personal Anime Collection!

A couple of months ago, I shared a picture of one of the shelves from my personal anime collection over on Instagram and mentioned that if anyone wanted to see the rest to let me know. I ended up getting quite a few requests for the anime tour surprisingly. While I planned out and created a video of my collection, I figured it would be cool to share my anime here on the blog as well for folks who may prefer this platform over YouTube.

I shall be going shelf-by-shelf for this tour of sorts, giving an overview of what’s on them. Aside from the shelf with the limited-edition collector sets, everything else is organised first by DVD/Blu-Ray and then films to serials. There are a couple of sets that aren’t on the top shelf (where I keep my collector’s loot) because I ran out of space there, so those will be shown separately. If you see a limited boxset that you’d like a more in-depth look at, you can either watch the video I shared over on YouTube, which is linked below, or you can drop me a comment and I’ll make a separate short post detailing the contents of those respective boxsets.

anime shelf 1

This is the top shelf and where I keep most of limited edition or special release boxsets. Sets to note are the Premium Editions of Natsume’s Book of Friends Seasons 1-4, Samurai X, and Wolf’s Rain. My hope is that they will release Seasons 5 & 6 of Natsume in the same style so they all match, but with my luck I’m having doubts (*sobbing*). The Samurai X OVA Collection is super rare and hard-to-find now so I’m glad I snagged it when I did during a ridiculously fantastic sale. Then I have the Director’s Cut of the Rurōni Kenshin: The Motion Picture, which is a Japanese import that my friend sent to me when he was visiting family in Japan. The Wolf’s Rain boxset is one of the original releases they did of the series here in the US and I’m so glad that I still have it! I haven’t been able to find another one like it, at least not for a decent prince, for a very, very long time.

Here are the two boxsets that aren’t on the shelf because they didn’t fit. The first is the 20th Anniversary Ultimate Edition of Revolutionary Girl Utena, which has quite a story to it. It was fun (sarcasm) getting my hands on this thing. The second is the Premium Edition of My Love Story!!. Since it’s one of my favourite shōjo serials, I had to snag it when it went on sale for half-off a few months ago.

ffvii complete japanese import

I also have the Japanese import of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. The one from the overview photo above, where it’s sitting beside Neon Genesis Evangelion, is the US Limited Edition, which isn’t nearly as pretty. Anyhoo, the Japanese original was released in Japan months before it was released in the US, so I went ahead and ordered it as soon as I could. I am obsessed with Final Fantasy VII (I have the über Collector’s Edition of the Remake pre-ordered and I CANNOT wait for that shite to come in), so I have multiple editions of the film and didn’t mind spending the extra money for it, which is an exception I tend to make for this franchise and Initial D only.


Here is the second shelf. Everything on this shelf is in DVD except for Bunny Drop, which is sitting on top of Gurren Lagann and Hellsing over on the left. That standard set has both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the series. You’ll see Samurai X here again, which is the standard US release of film.

anime shelf 3

Shelf number three is a bit more barren. I know that Scooby-Doo: Where Are You? is not anime. I stashed it there since I had the extra space. All the way on the right, you’ll note the stack of Psycho-Pass. Those are also Premium Collector’s sets of seasons one and two, and the film that was released a while back. The film is an import from the UK because the US did not have a Premium release for it (yet!), and I really wanted to have it to match the rest of the collection. If they ever do a release in the US, I’ll probably pick it up during a sale. In the middle, I have Rideback, which is similar to Bunny Drop in that it has both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions.

anime shelf 4

Shelf four is where the Blu-Ray part of my collection starts up, films first and then serials. Battle Royale all the way on the left, the first item actually, is not anime. It’s the live-action Japanese adaptation of one of my favourite Japanese novels in existence. It felt fitting to stash it with the rest of my otaku things. I also have the live-action adaptation of Blade of the Immortal, but it’s not shown here because that’s in another part of the house at the moment.

anime shelf 5

Here is the final shelf in my collection. On the top I have all the Limited Sets of Ranma ½, except for Set 4, which is the Standard Edition. It went out of print before I could acquire it and it’s the only one that I wasn’t able to find anywhere. It’s really been frustrating me because I have OCD and I would love to have a complete set of the entire series in specific style or edition. If y’all come across it and aren’t interested in purchasing that set for yourself, please let me know! I’m positively dying to get my hands on it.

All the way on the right you’ll notice that I have another set of Wolf’s Rain, this time in the newly released Blu-Ray edition (came out last year or the year before that if I’m not mistaken). It’s the only series that I have a second copy of (that’s not FFVII). I love that anime so much that when it released in a remastered, high-definition edition, I absolutely had to get a copy.

I know that I have a lot of anime here, but it took me approximately eleven to twelve years to accumulate all of these titles. Most of them I purchased while they were on sale, or I preordered in advance, which allowed me to get them at fraction of the cost. Back when CrunchyRoll first established themselves, they used to have Daily Deals on anime and otaku memorabilia that features outrageously fantastic deals and that’s how my interest in grabbing fancy boxsets began. I’m so disheartened that they don’t have those anymore and the deals they do have are such crap in comparison. Nevertheless, that is how I obtained Shura no Toki, Emma, Saiyuki, Otogi Zoshi, RahXephon, and more.

If you would like to see everything in much more detail, you can watch the video I’ve linked down below. Once again, if you see a limited boxset that you’d like a more in-depth look at, and prefer this platform over YT, drop me a comment and I’ll make a separate post detailing the contents of those respective boxsets.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me today. Wishing you a lovely weekend! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 

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34 thoughts on “My Personal Anime Collection!

  1. Wolf’s Rain!!! Wolf’s Rain!! It’s. So. Amazing! AHH!!! I got so excited seeing that! AND SCOOBY DOO WHERE ARE YOU!! *freaks out completely*
    It’s lovely collection overall!

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  2. Happy to see another video! You have an amazing collection. I’ve been wanting to show my anime collection too for a while but the idea of it seemed difficult. Your video format + blog post way worked wonderfully!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m still upset I didn’t get the Utena box set for $100 from Amazon because they cancelled all orders because of delays. You have a lot of great titles and so neatly organized!

    But I also like the Scooby-Doo box set! Who doesn’t love the Mystery Machine?

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  5. Oh wow this is real nice.
    I’m just recently started getting real into anime, and I hope to have a collection of mine some time soon. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this!

    Liked by 2 people

        • I got the vast majority of them during ridiculous sales. CrunchyRoll used to have brilliant daily deals, they don’t have good ones at all anymore. Sentai Filmworks has great ones a few times a year, as does RighStuf. Every once in a while, Amazon will have things for cheap. It’s cheaper to preorder big limited boxsets from Amazon early because the price drops significantly before they ship out and if you have it pre-ordered you get the lowest price. I also have friends/family living in Japan who send me stuff randomly.


          • If you’re talking about plushies and figures and stuff like that, not really. I don’t get that from Amazon at all, particularly the figures because there’s no real way to tell if they’re fakes. I stick with anime/otaku only sites for that.


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