My Neighbour Seki Episodes 16 to 18: From Shogi vs Chess to Fukuwarai

Episode 16:

Seki plays Shogi vs Chess, and Yokoi decided to get some karmic retribution for Seki’s dirty tactics. This was hilarious because the whole karma bit came back to bite Yokoi in the rump and it was great. I wonder if Shogi was the mangaka’s favourite game as it’s made an appearance quite a bit in the series thus far; I think it’s the only real repeat activity.

During class today everyone is watching a film on the harmful effects of tobacco and smoking, so the classroom was relatively darkened to accommodate for the film. I continue to be amazed by Seki’s preparation with whatever shenanigans that he will up with for that day. For example, he used black Chess pieces as a way to create a stealthy dynamic for sneak-attacking the Shogi pieces in the dark environment. Then you have Yokoi who keeps on formulating these delightfully theatric narratives to fit those moments of mischief.

At the end of the episode, I felt a little bad for Yokoi (after I had my fill of laughing) because I’ve had something like that happen to me in junior high school and it’s not fun at all! Overall, this was really fantastic.

Episode 17:

This episode follows Seki as he plays Fukuwarai (福笑い). It’s usually played around the Lunar New Year and is essentially where kids blindfold themselves and put the facial pieces on the blank face (eyes, nose, etc.). The entire time I kept thinking about the Fukuwarai that are in Super Mario Odyssey. I remember loving that they included this aspect in the video game, and they ended up being some of my favourite mini-games.

Of course Seki puts his own twist on this like he does everything else and ends up telling a bit of a story about a family. I wonder if the parents falling apart as the child gets older is somehow a parallel to Seki’s own life?

Overall, this was a cool episode. It was definitely neat to see Fukuwarai here as it’s not commonly shown in anime.

Episode 18:

Here Seki and Yokoi had to push their desks together since there was a shortage of handouts going around the classroom for the day. I liked seeing Seki pout because he didn’t have access to his bookbag, and the sense of satisfaction and amusement that it gave Yokoi was quite funny. However, Yokoi should have known that someone as prepared to waste time as Seki, would have a back-up plan.

Seki spends the rest of the class period by doing magic tricks with a deck of cards that he had stashed in his pencil case, and the whole point of it was to get a rise out of Yokoi. She did try her damndest to ignore him though.

My thinking is that since she laughed so sadistically at his suffering and sulking at the start of the classroom, his efforts at distracting her were a sort of payback or revenge scheme. I don’t know much about magic, so like Yokoi, I was left pondering how he did some of the things he managed to pull off. The bit with Maeda’s butt and then Yokoi’s reaction as the class period ended were my favourite parts of the episode. They made me laugh quite a bit.

My favourite episode this week was Episode 16: Shogi vs Chess. It was just too damn funny and, as I mentioned earlier, I related to Yokoi’s self-inflicted plight at the end of it. But I also found the other two instalments for this week to be as equally as pleasant! I’m surprised to say this, but I shall be sad when the series comes to a close next week.

6 thoughts on “My Neighbour Seki Episodes 16 to 18: From Shogi vs Chess to Fukuwarai

  1. For me, this week opened with a pretty meh episode. I didn’t love episode 16 as much as everybody else has seemed to, but that’s ok, because that’s what makes this watch so interesting! Seeing all of your perspectives and having these discussions is really fun 🙂

    Episode 17 was cool for me because I actually didn’t know what Fukuwarai was going into it. This has prompted me to read up on it a bit further. It’s kind of obvious once the episode gets going and I really enjoyed it, but learning new things is a nice extra bonus!

    As for “Magic”, episode 18, I have a background in that and it was cool to see Seki do these tricks. Most of them are real slight-of-hand tricks, and it was neat to “play at home” so-to-speak. Might have been my favorite one just because of that… and well, beaming Seki face 😉

    • Beaming Seki face was equal parts super adorable and creepy as heck haha. Probably because we don’t see it often.

      I didn’t know you have a background in magic! That’s pretty amazing. My best friend is really into magic and learning about how it all works, so I know tiny bits here and there through them.

      • Haha, I get what you mean XD

        Yup, I do! I’m not as well practiced as I used to be but I enjoy watching and performing when I can 🙂

  2. I’m quite enjoying your reviews of the episodes. I watched and loved this anime, but your greater knowledge of things Japanese gives me insights into them that I did not have. Now I get to go rewatch them 😀

    • I’m glad that folks outside of the dedicated Twitter people have been enjoying this watch. It’s made putting together #anitwitwatches well worth he effort. Thank you for reading Nyan’s posts 🙂

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