Blog Announcement: Adding New Content this Spring Season!

Hey, Chums. Tonight, I wanted to briefly announce to you all that I shall be adding some new content to my blog. I’ve spoken about it sporadically over on Twitter, but I wanted to make it make it official and go over what the material shall consist of.

Since BiblioNyan is a space that is dedicated to my ultimate passions, such as literature and otaku culture for example, I thought it would be neat to add gaming to the mix since video games are hugely influential in my life, and also work as a major source of coping with my mental health. So, starting tomorrow, I shall be adding first impressions, reviews, and general musings of video games to BiblioNyan.

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Because of the way that I have my writing and blogging schedules set-up, I wanted to set aside a specific day for this content. This will help me to plan out the calendar much better, plus it will also allow me to compensate for the time that goes into creating gaming content. Since games can vary from being two hours long to a hundred hours long (in these cases, I’d do a multiple-post gig), I want to make sure that I have that extra availability to do a proper post(s) on whatever I shall be playing. As such, the current schedule for gaming content is currently reserved for Friday afternoons (between 12pm and 2pm PST). Beyond that, my hope is to share two gaming posts per month, minimum (biweekly, mostly). I can always do more if I have the time or the inspiration, but I figured two is a good number, especially for starting out.

Now, since this is a whole new thing I’m trying out, it will be on an experimental basis until the end of April to mid-May, which will allow me to create approximately four to five posts total. I think that is a good number in helping me to determine if this will be a permanent addition, or just an experimental phase. Things that I will take into consideration while making my decision include the time required for crafting the content, which includes play time, and community interaction. If followers and other visitors don’t really care for gaming content, then I may not do it because it’s such a big passion of mine and I don’t want to get discouraged, if that makes sense. Also, I could dedicate that extra time to the type of material that y’all already love and enjoy.

Since my first post is going live tomorrow, I didn’t want to try and fit all of this into that post. That’s why I decided to do this separate gig with all the information. That way I can focus entirely on the game.

The first article will be on a visual novel game and the second one on a hidden object title. I decided to do something short and relaxing for the first two posts as a way of easing into the process of talking about games. My only request is that you guys bear with me as I work on finding my voice with reviewing games. While I’ve been playing them for decades and I’m a huge aficionado of ‘em (all kinds and genres, mostly), I don’t have any experience reviewing them. So, it will be a bit of a trial-and-error process.

If you have suggestions, or requests for what you’d like to see in a gaming review (I understand this shall vary from genre to genre), please let me know in the comments! I’d really, really appreciate the advice. Thanks so much.

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7 thoughts on “Blog Announcement: Adding New Content this Spring Season!

  1. I look forward to it! I’m especially stoked to see a hidden object game in your future plans. Seems like I don’t see much (or any) reviews of them and they are one of my personal favorites as far as game types. Nice to have you back!

    • I love Hidden Object games. I practically live off them when I’m on bedrest. Because of that I have a humongous collection of them, and I’ll definitely be sharing them here. 🙂

      • How cool is that! Hubby and I play them together when he is in hospital or whatever where we need something to do for hours at a time. They are perfect (Hidden Object games) and we have quite a library, too.

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