Mid-Morning Musings: When They Move Your Absolutely Terrifying Heart Surgery to Next Week Instead of Next Month

Hey all,

This is going to be a super quick post where I pop in and let you now that I’m signing off BiblioNyan until after my heart surgery. Thank you SO, SO much for all of supportive words from my previous announcement of this absolutely frightening gig. A couple of things have changed since that announcement. Hence today’s hot mess of a post.

They moved my operation up to next Thursday (25-June). I have to go in at 5am and get admitted and prepped for the ultimate dice-and-slice (I jest because humour is all I’ve got to keep me calm, *awkward laughter*).

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“They’re turning you into spam?! HOW HARAM!”

My mum is super happy because I’m pretty sure she is far more stressed out than me, and waiting for something of this calibre is probably worse than actually undergoing it since it gives your brain time to fill up with a bunch of negative nonsense. In that regard, I suppose I am also happy that I don’t have to wait. But it makes preparing for the worst so much more challenging.

Between now and next Thursday, I have to essentially put together a will thingamajig, figure out power of attorney crap, and have a rough plan for funeral stuffs so Madame Gabs and the parentals can take care of it all with as much ease as possible. It’s not that I’m not thinking positively, I just have to prepare for the worst case scenario while wishing for the best case, if that makes sense.

On top of all of this fucking shite, one of my birds is sick. He’s about 23-years old and going blind in one eye. We get to take him to the vet today and possibly prepare for having to put him down if his health is too deteriorated. Of course, I’m an extremely emotional and sentimental whole hot ass mess right now about that.

This week sucks. All around is just a basket full of stress eggs… which actually sounds pretty gross, ew.

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*When you realise the box of barfi was actually a box of LIES*

Anyhoo, I’m going to sign off BiblioNyan until after the surgery and initial recovery. So, ironically enough, I should be mildly back around the time that the procedure was originally going to take place. Boss Man sure has a hell of a sense of humour, lemme tell you. I’ll mostly be active on AniList and Tumblr as those are my hidey-holes and places I vent when I need an outlet, which makes them the best places to stay in touch. I can also be reached on Discrod (yon.nyan#1044) or Line (nek0.baka), which I get notifications for on my phone. So, if you feel like chatting or bombarding me with cat/anime memes (appropriate or inappropriate), please feel free to do so! I’d actually welcome the shit out of it.

I did create a list of stuff I was going to read and watch during my rest and recovery shindig in July, which you can check out here, but I guess I shall be diving in much sooner, yay (sobbing). If y’all have any recommendations for feel-good TV shows (anime or regular) and manga or books, please drop them for me in the comments! I’m going to need all the fluff I can get my hands on.

Also, for anyone who is new here on BiblioNyan, I want to apologise for all of the negative and random personal life shtick that I’ve been sharing. Normally, my blog is not this serious. Usually, I prattle passionately about otaku things, books, and mental health. But 2020 has been a wild fucking ride, especially March, April, and now June. I hope that these events won’t dissuade you from sticking around. I promise that things are far more copacetic normally, and, Insha’Allah, they will go back to being as such once this health mess thingy is over.

Hope y’all take care of yourselves and wish me luck. I’m going to need it and my parents are going to need it since they’re taking care of me during recovery (I’m terrible at resting and I figure at the very least I can entertain my mum by driving her absolutely batty with my bratty shenanigans), WOOT.

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Peace out, bitches!


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15 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Musings: When They Move Your Absolutely Terrifying Heart Surgery to Next Week Instead of Next Month

  1. You have my best wishes for a quick recovery! I think you’re lucky. I’ve had my share of surgery and anticipation is worse than the event itself.

    • Thanks, Fred. Yeah, anticipation just sucks. I’ll have a bit more of it coming up, but I am glad it was over quickly.

  2. May everything go smoothly and may you have a speedy recovery! If you’re looking for happy fluff I know these left me feeling relaxed, peaceful, happy, or amused; Tamako Market, Gakuen Babysitters, Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama, and Gingitsune. Get well soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I sincerely hope everything goes well and I’m sending you all my good luck wishes for your procedure and speedy recovery!

    • Thanks so much! Surgery is all done and I survived, yay. I’ll be doing an up date in a couple of days (Sunday probably).

  4. All I can do is send loads of hugs and good thoughts. Maybe set up a chat thingie on my phone since I’m not currently on any you’ll be using and I don’t think I could wait a month for news ๐Ÿ˜› You’re having surgery on my BD. Damn it, that’s usually the day the hubby has surgery. Could you guys not gang up on me? LOL. Well (knock on wood) he is doing well, so I shall have to send all my white light and reiki to YOU. Blessedbe.

    • I don’t mind sending you phone number thingy, I can do that on Instagram. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s if you’re okay with it. I don’t mind at all personally.

      The surgery… didn’t go quite as planned. I’ll be talking about in-depth-ish on Sunday once I can take these damned bandages off. Also, your bday is the day after my dad’s! ๐Ÿ˜€ Overall, the battle is a bit tougher than I originally thought to be, but I’m a fighter (I’m also a whiner haha), so I won’t give up easily. โ™ฅ

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