Super Duper Library Haul: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Own-Voices Non-fiction Japanese

Last week, I got the strongest impulses to do some stress shopping. It was in the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep thanks to some familiar insomnia and concern about my parents, along with fretting over the upcoming Uni semester, and some other nonsenses—it was all too much for my brain to handle. Typically, I gravitate towards charging up my credit card by going on random buying sprees. However, this time I creeped into Madame Gabs’ room and confided in her about my struggles. She suggested that I should log into my library account and place a bunch of books on hold as it can feel akin to online shopping. Taking her advice, I logged in and did just that! Then I promptly forgot about them all as I fell asleep, oops. This last Saturday my gigantic stack of reads came in, to my sudden yet excited surprise.

When I couldn’t figure out what to place on hold, I used my Amazon SFF Wishlist to give me ideas. Since I’ve been mostly in a fantasy and nonfiction reading mood lately, almost all of the books that I put on hold are from these respective genres. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tad bit overwhelmed by how many library books I now have in my possession. Even so, I’m really ecstatic to read these titles. It’s been so damn long since my bibliophilic impulses have been this strong.

Anyhoo, as I picked up such a ridiculous amount of books, rather than provide a full list with synopses and other details, I’m just going to share the covers for these books. That way if something catches your interest, y’all can look them up at whatever place works best for ya, whether it be GoodReads, your own libraries or favourite book shops. I have already started making my way through this humongous stack and look forward to chatting about with them in the upcoming new year.

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10 thoughts on “Super Duper Library Haul: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Own-Voices Non-fiction Japanese

  1. I dropped off books and picked up a hold yesterday. When I got home I looked at my pile and had to laugh. I have three biographies, of probably the most diverse bunch you can imagine. One is Tony Hseih’s Delivering Happiness, the other The Reporter Who Knew Too Much (about Dorothy Kligallen, a real intrepid woman reporter), and the last the tell all about Donald Trump, Too Much and Never Enough. I love biographies but I think after this bunch I’ll be ready for some light fluffy fantasy!

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    • I love balancing the hefty nonfiction bunch with something lighter. If I read too much of one then it makes me feel down and depressed for a while. That’s why I always try to get a balance, but I also tend to go nuts with one subject/genre if I’m really obsessing over it in the moment haha.

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  2. I love this post because it opens my eyes to a whole new spectrum of books ! 🤩 let us know what your favorites are! 😃

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  3. With so many books on hand, im sure it’ll take some time to read all of them. Out of curiosity, what do you usually look for when searching for books to read?

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    • It’s really dependent on my mood. Because of my ADHD and impulsiveness, what I crave can change quite frequently. So, that’s always the main factor I focus on. After that, for non-genre fiction, I try to concentrate on authors of colour and/or translated fiction. For genre fiction, like SFF, that’s where I just take my time and really browse whatever titles sound interesting until something feels like it’s a great match to whatever I’m craving. When I’m in a sci-fi/fantasy mood, I tend to get a variety of sorts (dark fantasy, science fantasy, first contact, space opera, etc) since it’s such a versatile set of genres.

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      • Well whenever your’re craving a sci-fi fantasy from an author of color, look me up I’m sure you’ll enjoy lol.


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