Top 5 Anime Characters that Would Make Hilarious Santa Clauses

Ho, ho, ho! Happy holidays, y’all. As a Buddhist, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but living with a Christian Pastor who also has a special ooey-gooey spot in her heart for the holiday season, I have developed a strange appreciation for Santa hats. Mostly with regard to their cute yet comical attributes. So, for today’s top five post thingy, I thought it would  be fun to chat about a handful of anime characters that I feel would make absolutely hilarious Santa Claus type of folx.

05. Levi Ackerman

When one thinks about Santa Claus, a jolly old, bearded dude who brings presents and joy instantly comes to mind. Not some skinny, short, cranky man in his 30s who has no specks to give about being merry and cheery. Which is exactly why I find the very idea of him being Santa Claus to be absolutely hilarious.

I can picture his wrinkled brow of annoyance as he sips his tea and curses about how dirty everyone’s chimneys are. Then I picture him swinging from one big ass tree to the next on his way to the kiddos’ homes while avoiding titans along the path and, well, it just makes me laugh that much more. Levi is the perfect cranky, I’m-done-with-this-bullshit Santa Claus and it’s glorious.

04. Nyanko Sensei

Speaking of grumpy old guys who are sick and tired of children’s shenanigans, Nyanko Sensei is someone else whom I picture to be a sublimely amusing Claus clown. He would look so fricking adorable in a bright red holiday hat, drinking his saké and complaining about how Natsume is giving away all the names in the Yūjinchō as he totally forgets about his Santa-esque duties.

Even though he can be an old grouch, Nyanko Sensei has a kind heart and would eventually come around and do what is right and compassionate, with some annoying poking and prodding from his human counterpart of course.

03. Gojō Satoru

Moving from the grumblers to the goofballs, the first of them that came to mind was Gojō from the anime Jujutsu Kaisen. I’m pretty much obsessed with this modern-day Kakashi kin and love how much he’d kick ass at being a very jolly and silly Santa Dude.

Not only would he make the hat look damn good, but he would also bring lots of warmth and jokes to the kids he visits, especially if those kids were going through tough times or felt like they were worthless. His compassion would shine through and help them realise they are far from being worthless, and who can say no to such warmth as well as such silliness?

02. Tamaki Suoh

Oh, Tamaki. He is the epitome of being a complete dumbass with a gigantic heart of gold. He’s the type of Santa who’d get distracted by all of the toys and pets and would want to play with the kids and engage with their joy along with them as he’s just a giant kid himself. There would never be a dull moment around Santa Suoh.

He’d also be dressed up in something one wouldn’t expect, such as a red crown with holly berries or a fancy top hat to go with a fancy suit so he could be the dashing hero Claus, here to rescue the damsel from a season of boredom and simplicity. Everything would be over-the-top and exaggerated until everyone had their fill o’ fun.

01. Tobi

Okay, so I know my number one most hilarious Santa Claus may be a bit unexpected, but Tobi is such an awesomely entertaining dumbass of epic proportions that he instantly popped into my mind for this role (I’m talking about before we realise Tobi is… not as he seems, no spoilers in the comments, please!).

He has such a court jester-type personality with an underlying intelligence and a sharp tongue that would constantly get him into trouble, and I find that to be incredibly amusing. Plus, I can also vividly imagine the buttload of holiday puns that would come out of his mouth while he hands out presents to everyone. Living with Madame Gabs (the Pun Queen of our house), I’ve grown to adore puns in ways I never expected; the cheesier the better, which is pretty much how Tobi likes to party.

That does it for the five folx that I believe would make fantastically funny (in their own ways) Santa Claus dudes. I’d actually love to watch an OVA special with all of them intermingling together for some holiday shindigs. It would be an epically entertaining hot mess.  

How about y’all? Who are your favourite anime persons for some silly Santa Claus-type shenanigans?

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Characters that Would Make Hilarious Santa Clauses

  1. Tobi when he’s acting like a moron would be a hilarious Santa Claus for sure.

  2. What a great, fun post! Nyanko Sensei would be rocking that red hat and partaking in lots of sake type holiday cheer!

  3. I love that photo of Nyanko Sensei. Levi would probably start a gift delivery business by using his titan killing equipment. But he’ll make other people do the work haha

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