BiblioNyan’s 2021 Blogging Projections + Minor Content Changes

Good afternoon, chums. Today, I wanted to briefly chat about some blogging projections and minor content changes that shall be headed for BiblioNyan during the 2021 year. As I embark on some new journeys, my priorities shall be shifting around a bit. While my blog isn’t my number one priority in life anymore, it’s still in my top five and I want to do what I can to keep it alive and flourishing! So, grab a beverage and maybe a small snack as I dive into this gig.

I’ve read a lot of posts lately from around various communities of bloggers discussing their predictions and hopes for their personal content spaces as we move further into the new year. This inspired me to take a gander at my stats and formulate some aspirations of my own.

Stats-wise, I consistently achieve about one hundred to one hundred and forty views per day, give and take the ups and down that occur naturally. Because of this my monthly average hits around twenty-five-hundred to three-thousand views. My goal for the year is to be able to hit at least five thousand views in a single month. I’ve never done that, and I feel this would be quite an awesome achievement. The best way for me to meet this goal is simply to keep on creating content and working a bit more at adding creativity to the stuff that I already craft, which is definitely a current work-in-progress for me. I’ve dealt with some intense writing and reading ruts in 2020 that I’m still recovering from. So, the best way to resolve my creativity issues it to give it the time it needs to heal and recuperate.

As for writing goals specifically, the one thing I’d like to achieve that I haven’t been able to do in over a year or two is to have a blog post go live every single day for at least two months straight. I know I’m more than capable of doing this, as I have done this in the past, but lately it seems that small morsels of life to get in the middle and I inevitably break the streak. There is no professional reasons for my having this goal, merely the personal sense of accomplishment that comes from being able to say, “Yes! I had this goal and I conquered it!”

Beyond unlocking those two achievements, my overall projections for BiblioNyan are that I’ll reach 1,700 followers by the end of December and Insha’Allah, my daily average shall increase from one hundred views to a number that’s far closer to two hundred views per day. Again, I think consistency shall be the key towards making these predictions a reality.

My motives for keeping my blogging ambitions in the low-maintenance range was inspired by Lita’s write up on free time being such a luxury and how keeping things chill is usually the best way to make the most of that time. That resonated really deeply with me and got me thinking all sorts of things.

Another motive is that I’m returning to university as a full-time student. My goal is to become certified as a Pharmacy Technician and then to get into Pharmacy School so I can obtain my Pharm.D degree and licensing. Basically, I’m studying to become a pharmacist. I’ve always dreamt of having some kind of doctoral-type degree, yet I never thought I was intelligent enough to make this happen for myself. All of the intense experiences from last year, including the near-death situations, made me realise that I’ll never know what I’m capable of accomplishing unless I give it a try. So, in November and December, I began to study sciences and mathematics quite vehemently and ended up learning that I’m more than capable of being successful in a medical profession, especially if I apply myself to the pursuit with full dedication and diligence. After that, I jumped in headfirst and haven’t looked back. By keeping my goals with blogging light and easy to attain, it’ll prevent me from burning out and feeling overwhelmed with trying to balance it along with my studies and 4.0 GPA.

Additionally, due to my quest in becoming a doctor, I shall have significantly less time to read for pleasure as voraciously as I tend to. Because of that, I need to make some minor temporary content changes to BiblioNyan. Instead of full in-depth book reviews for every single book that I consume, I’m going to do easier Book Recommendations posts. Similarly to my new Anime Recommendations gigs that I share on Saturdays, I’ll give y’all three to five reasons for checking out a specific title. This helps to put the best parts of the book into perspective for the potential reader, thus letting you know why I think it’s totally worth the time and effort to read it. Full book reviews shall be limited to a couple of times per month, and reserved only for titles that I feel like I need to discuss in more detail, either due its positive or negative content.

The same thing shall be applied to my anime watching as well. I’ll continue with my weekly Anime Recommendations posts and save full analytical reviews for serials (or films) that I feel compelled to discuss in much more detail. I’ll also be sharing more anime content than book content, at least for the next six months, as I try to get acclimated to being a sciences and anatomy major. I feel it’ll be less stressful and calmer to watch a small segment here and there than to try and get into a reading mindset in between gigantic study sessions where I’ve already been staring at words for extended periods of time. If I feel that I can increase my content creating load, then I shall definitely do so. But in the meantime, I’ll play it by ear, as the phrase goes, and take it slowly so as not to annihilate my mental health in either situation.

Aside from school (my number one priority) and blogging (my number five priority), the other things that I shall be focusing on throughout the 2021 (numbers two to four priorities respectively) include intense physical therapy for my heart and lungs, writing manuscripts and querying agents, and finding new ways to practise mental and physical self-care. There’s no reason for me stop going after one set of dreams as I seek others, and I’m someone who likes to stay as busy as all the seven Hells.

Me staying very busy… Hey, napping is serious business!

So, to sum it up, the goals I have for BiblioNyan are to hit five thousand views in a single month, post an article every single day for two months, and to obtain seventeen hundred followers by December 31st, 2021. I’ll also be changing out regular book reviews for what are essentially spotlights for books that I feel need more love, which also applies to the anime I’ll be watching, and I’ll be increasing the anime content on the blog and decreasing the bookish content a bit.

Overall, I feel pretty nervous about 2021 and what it will bring to my plate, as well as the plates of the rest of the world, but I’m also trying to stay optimistic and hopeful and to give myself more control over what I feel and how I shall react if things due end up taking a dark and distressing turn. I think the only way I know how to survive is to move forward with every ounce of gumption I can muster, especially if it keeps my mind wickedly occupied.

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9 thoughts on “BiblioNyan’s 2021 Blogging Projections + Minor Content Changes

  1. Sounds like a good plan considering how busy things will most likely become when studying to become a pharmacist.

  2. Yay! I just want to say that you’re amazing and I’m excited for you! I wish you luck on achieving your goals, but please also remember not to push yourself too hard!~

    Our stats unexpectedly blew up over the past year, even though we didn’t make any plans on trying to achieve that. We weren’t purposely doing anything either. It was just a really unexpected, but fortunate fluke. lol I don’t know if it’ll be of much help…and it’s mostly just my own speculation, but I figured I’d share why I think our views suddenly took off.

    Although, it’s I’m pretty certain a big part of it is definitely due to more frequent postings. I had alot more free time during the pandemic, so I was able to post more often. With more frequent and consistent posting, our views seemed to consistently rise as well. Although, I try not to push myself too much! Music Mondays are basically my easy/chill consistent posts. Originally I planned on doing it every other week, but it’s easy and still enjoyable. Then I tried to post another post or 2 if I have time and energy for it.

    I also tag all the things! lol It can seem annoying and tedious, but I feel like using all possible relevant tags helps you reach more people. Although, I mostly do it just so it’s easier to find relevant topics and posts if needed (and I’m just a like OCD about being able to find things).

    I think most of it is just timing and luck really. lol For us, our stats spike is mostly due to my posts on Remarried Empress, Sweet Home, and Positively You. You know I just post things because I find them interesting and enjoyable, but I suppose they just happened to be topics that were diamonds in the rough. Like for Remarried Empress, I posted about the novel/webtoon before it really blew up and got it’s official English publication for the webtoon. Once the webtoon was officially published in English, we got a big spike from that. I posted about the Sweet Home webtoon back in like 2019. It suddenly blew up due to the live action drama on Netflix. It actually led to our highest daily and weekly views to date. For these I feel like it was just a combination of being lucky on a topic that gained alot of interest, but also the various tags led people to find the posts too?

    Prior to our views blowing up for 2021, there was really only one weird thing that I did intentionally/strategically did for chances of increased views. Back when the bros first brought me onto BAYOG, I wanted to do what I could to help. I’m also a night owl, so I typically worked on my posts late at night. I also spent alot of time in the early AM chatting/messaging with friends and family in Thailand and other parts of the world. So I had a thought of just consistently scheduling my posts at that time. So I started scheduling my posts for anywhere between 1-3am. 1) Posts are ready for people to read when they wake up. Plus there’s more time/opportunity for more people to view it. 20 or so hours vs only 10-12 hours if I posted at noon or something. 2) Posting at 1-3am is a chance for people in other time zones and countries to view it. I figured posting at that time increased chances of allowing active people on the other side of the world to see the posts while I was sleeping. lol

    Sorry for the hella long comment. Again, it’s all just my speculation, and I’m not sure if it’ll be really helpful haha. But good luck friend! I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve it though because you always have such interesting content!~

    • Thank you so much for this detailed comment! It took me a while to get back to you because I basically made an outline out all of this info you gave me. 😀 I’m going to try setting up some earlier posts. I remember that when I used to post something every eight hours, it got a lot of regular traffic. I’m thinking of trying something like but do one post every twelve hours (2 posts per day) and see how that works. I think it’ll be mostly a game of trial-and-error and playing around the times and things. Is it silly that I just want to be able to hit certain stats at least once in my life and then if it never happens again I’ll still feel great about it? Haha.

      Your guys’ blog is one of the first ones I followed regularly and it’s still one of my favourites. 🙂 I love your passion for the stuff you talk about it. It’s beautifully contagious. (Maybe not the right word… oops…)

      • You’re very welcome friend! Don’t worry about it!~ I hope it was somewhat helpful haha~ Oh! That would be pretty interesting! Yeah, I definitely agree. It’s just a matter of trial-and-error~ I’m sure you’ll figure out what works best! No, no! It’s not silly at all! I’m honestly the same way~ lol That was basically me. I was hoping we might hit over a certain stat by the end of the year. Even if our stats start to dip or go back to the usual average, I still feel pretty great about it haha~ It’s just nice to see that people have interest in our content!

        Aww~ Thanks Neha! That really means alot! I honestly never thought I’d be a blogger. I just started thinking I’d help out on occasion. But it’s just been alot more fun that I expected. Plus it’s been great to meet new people like you! You’re seriously my first friend since I started blogging. You’re always so kind and supportive. You really are one of the reasons why I enjoy blogging and continue to blog!~

  3. Those are fine goals but don’t push yourself too hard. Stuff like posting every day can be creatively draining and if you don’t enjoy it there’s no point. If you do then more Nyan for us – win!!!!

    • Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely try to keep an eye on enjoyment vs stress when I’m posting. I have noticed that if it’s not fun, then it’s 50x harder to find the inspiration to write about anything, even if it’s a topic I enjoy. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it. 😀

  4. Sounds good! Take care & have fun doing it – all the luck & positive vibes for 2021! <3

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