Murder in the Margins by Margaret Loudon: A Charming Little Cosy Mystery Perfect for Fans of the English Countryside – Book Review

Murder in the Margins by Margaret Loudon is the first novel in a brand-new cosy mystery series called the Open Book Mysteries. It follows an author named Penelope Parish. After her debut hit, she finds herself struggling with a severe bout of writer’s block. Believing that a change of environment may suit her best, she…

Sex & Rape in Netflix’s Bridgerton – A Discussion

This entire scene and situation was so triggering to watch for many reasons and no content warnings are provided for it, which was an ever bigger astonishment and source of outrage. The fact that he lied to her about his intentions is a humongous betrayal, but the even bigger issue here is that Daphne basically rapes her husband to prove a point and so few people are talking about it.