New Category Set-Ups for Better Browsing – Blog Update (June 2021)

Over the last few days, I have been working to re-vamp the categories on my blog. Ever since I created BiblioNyan back in 2015-16, I haven’t done any “spring cleaning” type of gig on here. I’ve tinkered a bit with the organisation of my content, but I never dived in and cleaned things up. Well, this weekend, I’m not sure what crawled into my brain and triggered my OCD, but I began tweaking the categories and it led to a rather in-depth dive of deletion and decluttering. This is going to be a brief post outlining some of the changes I’ve made and how to navigate through older posts that aren’t shown on the front page of the blog.

Previously, I had so many categories for everything. I had Diverse Books and Non-Diverse Books sections, that was further broken into genre-specific divisions for the latter (e.g.: Non-Diverse Books à Sci-Fi). After a while, it became overwhelming and tedious to keep track of so many compartments, so to speak. This is a basic rundown of the sorts of things that I got rid of.

In an effort to streamline the browsing and searching process, I no longer have über specific genres or complicated tag-trees to follow. Each post will be classified into one, maybe two categories tops. For example, all book reviews are only under Book Review. The only two unique sections that I keep track of beyond that is for Japanese Literature and Eberron books (Japanese Lit is found under Book Reviews and Eberron has a direct link on the menu bar), and this is due to my personal desire to track how many of my owned Japanese and Eberron titles that I read and review on this space. Aside from that, whether a book is a diverse or not, shall be tagged by the respective info instead of being put into a million categorical boxes, if that makes sense.

With respect to Asian Cinema and TV/Films, I went ahead and moved Asian cinema to beneath the TV/Films section to keep it clean and neat. Mentally it also made sense to chunk them together since Asian cinema is just a subset of all cinema, so to speak (as German cinema or cartoons are, anime notwithstanding). Please note that clicking the TV/Films tab on the menu will not direct you to any specific page. It’s used as a spine for the specific sub-categories that go under it (e.g.: TV/Films à Discussion or Wrap-Ups, etc.).

As I mentioned earlier, the driving force behind this extremely exhaustive deep-cleaning was to make it much easier to navigate through the content on BiblioNyan, as well as to make content creating less convoluted for me. Having each post filed beneath one or two categories is far more manageable and easier to maintain long-term than having to deal with four or five, or even more.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please drop them for me down below. I shall definitely respond to it. I hope that this does make things smoother and more accessible in the long run for y’all.

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