Episodic Book Launch Announcement: The Tides of Blood and Blight by S.N. Mū – A Queer Indian-Polynesian Islamic Dark Fantasy Debut

Good morning, friends! I have super EXCITING news to share with you! A few days ago, I chatted briefly about my desire to dive into the world of self-publishing for various reasons. Well, today I am here to announce the very first step of that venture. I present to you my dark fantasy novel, The Tides of Blood and Blight

The realm of Ahzurre is laced with powerful tides controlled by the blood of the majestic Samandarr family, royal merfolk who have ruled the seas for a thousand years. However, on land merfolk are nothing more than dangerous whispers of myth and legend, of ancient anecdotes and artefacts for no one has seen a living mercreature in hundreds of years.

Kōnani is the Shehzada of the Scattered Isles of Keb, grief-stricken over the death of their lover. Unable to bear his loss, they seek guidance from an eccentric practitioner of Soul Magicks, where they learn that mer blood is the ultimate life-giver. Kōnani makes it their life’s mission to find this mythical beast at all costs. Meanwhile, their sister Talei, a hijabi warrior general, comes upon a ragged and beaten woman on the shores of her family’s beach. After rescuing her, Talei discovers she who is named Mayina, is actually princess of the fabled Samandarr family and rightful heir of Storm Tides.

As two princesses share their strengths and their hearts to protect the world from corruption and chaos, a royal seeks to find redemption of grief via a treacherous and duplicitous urban legend. However, deep beneath the waves, in the blackness of the ocean floor, lies a very special breed of dark magic, one that is as archaic as it is angry, biding their time while the spread of blight taints the tides. For in Ahzurre, whomever controls the tides, controls the world.

The Tides of Blood and Blight is an oceanic dark fantasy inspired heavily by my Indian-Polynesian and Islamic cultures and heritage. It has LGBTQIA+ representation for gender nonbinary, asexual, gay and sapphic identities (all of which I also identify with). If you’re in the market for a cultural twist on an old fairy tale, an amalgamation of Indian and Islamic rooted representations that are empowering, feminist, and ritualistically enriched, then please check out the first chapter of my book when it launches on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 on Kindle Vella with a new chapter being released weekly afterwards.

Please, like and share this announcement with any fantasy readers and eBook readers that you believe will be interested in this story. I will make another announcement on Launch Day with a link to the story, so definitely stay tuned for that!

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  1. This is so exciting!! I’ll have to actually invest in an e-reader of some sort now…

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