False Prophet by Shāfiya Mū (Original Poetry)

I look back at all these romantic proclamations I had written
With a person who filled me with idyllic dreams a million
Yet once the magic and splendour disappeared
Did the pain and severed promises wilfully appear
Chopping and slaughtering remnants of my wonder
Farther and lower until they were buried asunder
So that I may never crawl into the light
To never find the wings to give me flight
Suffocating and writhing in tormented betrayal
With a heart and soul atrophied from your portrayal
Of what love and virtue and trust should be
Coated in the black mulch of false liberty
You took my hand, my life, and my trust
Into a fierce malignant fire did you thrust
What little peace and faith I had remaining
So that it may burn into feeble ashes raining.

The poem “False Prophet” first appeared on the blog, BiblioNyan. This is an original work of poetry that also appears on the author’s forthcoming poetry and prose collection, 88 Keys.

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